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created to assist amateur, beginner, aspiring, as well as professional faux finishing artisans, muralists and former students of all faux painting and decorative finishing programs, with important dialog areas concerning aspects of these wonderful artforms.

n our Muralsplus Message Forum you may leave questions and answers concerning the art, business and pleasure of faux finishing.The forum is divided into subject areas, and is quite user friendly!

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or those wanting to advance their faux finishing and decorative painting with classes, workshops and products...we have included links to:

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The Martin Alan Hirsch Faux Finish School,
the new Faux Painting Portal.. the "Hot Topics" icon once you have linked to the message forum to read messages. In order to post questions and answers, you'll need to go through a quick registration if you've never participated in our online forum community before. The same applies to the chatroom. It only takes a few seconds and it's free!

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